Partner Network

Cambiar Consulting

Cambiar advises research agencies and departments who seek to thrive in a changing, challenging world. They identify the driving forces that impact business and predict the winds of change that can reshape assumptions so their clients can confidently shape their culture; efficiently focus their resources; effectively recruit, assess, and train their people, and impeccably execute their strategy.


SciFutures Foresight Consulting Group uses custom science fiction narratives, storified strategy and an experiential futures approach to help our clients disrupt their thinking, inspire new possibilities and to turn probabilities into actualities.


IceStat provides business managers and related parties with timely and accurate information on sector and consumer trends and development. They regularly provide investment funds, financial institutions and executive management with financial and competitive analysis aimed toward increasing profitability by optimizing overall business performance.


GreenBook’s mission is to bring innovative resources
to market researchers on both sides of the table and to offer effective
marketing opportunities in a variety of targeted media. The GreenBook media
platform includes the flagship GreenBook Directory, specialized GreenBook Health
Directory, GreenBook Blog, New Qualitative Research Guide & Directory, and
a bi-weekly email newsletter. Our publishing program provides stimulating,
practical, and timely content on topics and issues relevant to the industry.